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what customers are saying

“We have very open and earnest relation. Every time we meet with satisfactory approach.”

“All our requirements were fulfilled completely.”

- Teva Czech (Engineer)

“As usual the MGS Service Technicians were great to work with, all tooling work is complete.”

“All work was performed extremely well. The Service Technicians are very knowledgeable.”

- Merck (Schering-Plough) (Procurement)

“My team received an award for the timely installation and validation.”

- Pfizer (Engineer)

“I would be more than happy to be a reference for you in the future.”

- Corange/Roche

“We’ve had new records numbers!”

- Novartis

“MGS has an advantage because they supply and take responsibility for the entire back end of the line.”

- Pfizer (Wyeth) (Engineer)

“The machine is plug-and-play. Good.”

“Trainer is competent. Excellent.”

- IAS Singapore (Director)

“I feel that the repairs that were done were done well and the training for the new guys on the cartoners went well. [Service Technician] did really well with the training and the maintenance. He stayed until he knew that we were running well, even though that meant a couple of very long days.”

- International Labs (Engineer)

“It’s a joy to work with someone who cares about their customers.”

- 3M (Engineer)

“Thank you again for everything. The training [the Service Technicians] provided was excellent. Very worthwhile trip.”

“[The Service Technicians] really made a difference with our equipment and their ability to train our staff. Thank you!”

- Merck (Schering-Plough) (Procurement)

“Great work on the whole project.”

- Major Ammunition Manufacturer (Engineer)

“I would not change anything.”

- Halo Pharmaceutical (Engineer)

“Easily one of the best checkouts that I’ve ever been involved in. This exceeded my expectations”

- Hewlett-Packard

“My new MGS machine looks great and works even better!”

- P&G (Engineer)

“We looked at eight potential suppliers to do our project, and have selected MGS.”

- Abbott Laboratories