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Reduce Your Risk

Critical functions never outsourced

Most secondary packaging equipment manufacturers specialize only in cartoning and casepacking – their core products. This leaves you vulnerable to having your $2,000,000 packaging line going down because of a $15,000 literature feeder, and when you call for help, the vendor hands you off to another company. At MGS we have our own complete line of product handling equipment including vacuum, friction and bulk feeding devices for handling a wide array of items such as trays, literature, dosing spoons, syringes, outserts and all other kit-able items. Additionally, MGS is a Preferred Partner with both Fanuc and Adept Robotics when the automation solution requires robotic product handling. With over 15,000 successful installations in 27 countries, why trust anyone else. One call, one supplier, one solution.

Most OEMs say they do integration

MGS has the experience, staff and space to provide you a real-world experience during your integrated FAT. We added a new facility to our campus, so we have ample space to set up your line. We have reference-able clients (ask us!) that will testify to MGS’s skill in assembling a complete system including helping them bring it through commissioning. How about coordinating installation? Performing pre-FAT acceptance runs? Planning the training for your staff? Integration is more than setting up conveyors. We go to great lengths to simulate your factory conditions to give you the best possible view of how well the line will run at your plant. Don’t select a supplier without the experience and know-how to get your integration done right. We put our best on the line for you.

Our Validation Documentation set industry standards

MGS provides all the documentation you need from your OEM supplier to complete your protocols. Many of our customers simply cut and paste our tests into their documentation format. We execute all tests prior to your arrival for the FAT to insure success during your visit. We have industry-respected experts on staff working with leading think tanks on developing our standard protocols. Our documentation is so good, that the J.E.T.T. Team of the I.S.P.E. have accepted it as one of their standards. Don’t waste the time (and money) it takes to re-write and re-qualify the equipment due to poor OEM documentation.

No part-time Project Managers

At MGS, our Project Managers are full-time professionals, not a lead designer “assigned” to your project. The profile of a great Project Manager has its own set of “wiring” and skills. It’s important to have the right person in the right seat on the bus. Our Project Managers handle every project keeping you abreast of your project status, look ahead at potential obstacles and letting your know of your responsibilities and deliverables so there are no lapses in schedule. We use the latest tools in Gantt charting, integrating Critical Path Methodology. We have webcams available for remote FATs if you are unable to travel. Web-based meetings can be held for design reviews. Don’t risk your project success while someone else is trying to learn how to manage a project. Leverage the experience of the Project Managers at MGS.

You won't be shuffled off to a call center

Members of our technical team are available around the clock 24/7 to take your calls. If your question requires additional assistance, they will shepherd this into the organization promptly the next business day to get you a response correctly and promptly. Our international distribution offices provide effective front-line response directly from their offices. Their technical staffs are trained by our factory and are ready and available to assist. Don’t be left hanging – waiting for an answer or by getting someone at an answering service. Get the prompt, effective response from MGS.