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Market-centric Design for CT200™ Pharma-cartoner

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February 3, 2015
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November 13, 2015
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When the MGS team determined to develop a new cartoner for the pharmaceutical market and after discussions with key customers and channel partners we arrived at the following conclusions:

  • It needs to be high quality, like most European equipment
  • The new machine must have a reasonable price, unlike currently available many high quality machines
  • We want a reasonable length delivery and we want it when promised
  • Service and support is really important

As the theory goes, there is a “push-pull” situation when simultaneously attempting to increase quality and service while holding the price down. With the possible exception of identifying the key applications for which the machine is to be designed and limiting scope to remain within these parameters.

MGS has in its corporate DNA a high level of care for customers. Delivery on time is challenging with design-to-order equipment. MGS has always worked hard and communicated effectively with customers about due dates and are very successful at meeting customers’ schedule requirements. But a shorter delivery would require a change in operational strategy.

After market support and service has long been a hallmark of MGS. Quick response to calls and questions along with 24/7 availability is no longer an option; it’s part of who MGS is. So this need was mostly resolved before new product design even started.

So the MGS product development team set out to design the new cartoner, once having good comprehension of the market requirements for speed, size ranges and applications. It needed to be high quality, offered at a fair price with good, reliable delivery and service support – with the last two already accounted for as within current corporate culture.

In the design phase, we maintained our tightened scope of work. The employment of lean design techniques set the pathway for several “cut and combine” meetings, reducing part count and simplifying the engineering work. Prototypes of critical assemblies were built to shake out the bugs and arrest and concerns of robustness or effectiveness.

Throughout this, we were successful in sparing little expense in materials or methods. The final product is a world-class machine, offered at a reasonable price, with the good and reliable delivery coming from the company many know and trust will care for their concerns throughout the product lifecycle. Introducing the CT200™ Pharma-cartoner by MGS Machine. Check it out here.