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April 7, 2014
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MGS has been deeply involved in serving those in our community that have less. We do a semi-annual blood drive, collect toys that are distributed by a local church and we’ve also collect funds while in the shadow of national disaster such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. One of our more active, local campaigns centers on collecting food for our local food shelf. We’ve followed a novel approach in doing this.

MGS joined The Food Drive Challenge ( a few years ago. This isn’t an organization but is more like a “movement” of several small to medium-sized businesses around the country that would like to engage their staffs in working to support those in need in their local communities. It works like this:

– The company determines who will run their campaign and he / she registers the company on the website “The Biggest Giver” challenge at the link above.

– PDF tools and tips are available on the website

– A strategy is determined…do we have team competitions, a company-wide prize like a Friday off during the summer or some other plan to spur on participation?

– The food drive is conducted – the suggestion is to do it during the month of March as this is one of the low points for food shelves

– Results are reports in and the site administrator will provide an update to all companies participating as to how they did against the other firms and what we raised as a group

The basic idea is that this is good for the company, good for the staff and good for those in the community that receive the direct benefit

– The company benefits because people that give are generally better employees. All companies want the best employees. We all would rather work with “Givers” .

– Employees that participate have the opportunity to be part of something larger than themselves and contribute to serving others. We’re all busy now days and we might have good intentions of getting involved in some kind of service work, but who can find the time? With the employer providing the opportunity do serve, the employee can easily become a part of this.

– Obviously those in need are served by what is raised – food, household items, etc.

By the way, in recent years many food shelves would almost prefer to receive monetary donations as they have the ability to purchase items at a lower cost than individuals. Our company provides a $1 to $1 match with our staff donations as an incentive. We’ve found more people willing to give cash than scrounge through their cupboards or go shopping.

So, would you consider urging your company into considering becoming part of the Biggest Giver Challenge at We hope so. And so does your staff and your community.

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