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Serialization solution for existing cartoner
May 11, 2016
Serialization Bottleneck
February 15, 2017
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There was once a goat who insisted on taking the long dirt path to the stream for a drink. The path wound ‘round the field and zig-zagged through the forest before it reached the stream. As the goat was walking through the forest, his friend, the cat, happened to be resting on a tree branch. She spotted him and asked, “Why do you always take this way to the stream when there is a new path that has just been paved?” “I’ve always taken this way,” the goat answered simply. “But the new way is faster,” the cat pointed out.  “It is smooth and straight. It goes past the field and forest and leads you upstream, where the water is more refreshing.” “I like this way,” the goat responded. “I have taken this same path for years and know its every bend. There is nothing wrong with it.” “Suit yourself,” said the cat. The goat continued down the path he had always known, oblivious to what he was missing.

How many times has your company insisted on traveling down the same old path simply because that is the way it has always been done?  I know at times we can struggle with that here at MGS, but our focus is to constantly look for better paths and be open to suggestions from stakeholders both inside and outside the organization.

As one of our valued OEM partners, I would challenge your companies to consider their current paths.  Are there some decisions or processes that could be improved by simply being open to new paths?

Like the cat in the fable above, MGS would love the opportunity to offer some suggestions on potential new paths if your organization is struggling in the area of product handling.  Nobody likes to have to re-design the wheel and MGS has many proven feeding solutions that can easily be integrated into existing lines.  If you would like some suggestions….give us a call.